Why Are Lab Grown Diamonds Just As Expensive?

There has been a lot of buzz around lab grown diamonds for the past few years. Many people have been confused as to how they are priced and what makes them different from natural diamonds.

Despite their growing popularity, lab grown diamonds are still considered to be expensive diamonds wholesale Singapore. If you’re looking for a high quality lab grown diamond, it will cost you more than a similar natural diamond with a comparable 4Cs rating.

1. They Aren’t Natural

A lab-grown diamond is just as beautiful and sparkly as a natural diamond. They are also much more affordable and can be made in larger sizes.

However, they lose the rarity, charm and specialness that come from a natural diamond. Moreover, they’re not guaranteed to hold their value.

2. They Aren’t Fairly Priced

A growing number of people want to swap mined diamonds for lab grown ones. They believe that these alternatives are more sustainable and less expensive.

But are they? Despite the fact that they are similar in chemical and physical makeup, lab grown diamonds can still be significantly more expensive than their natural counterparts.

3. They Aren’t Sustainable

Despite their eco-friendly reputation, lab grown diamonds aren’t necessarily more sustainable than their natural counterparts. They can still create a significant carbon footprint in the manufacturing process, which may be reliant on fossil fuels.

Moreover, they also use much more water and energy than mined diamonds do. That’s why many companies are investing in ways to offset their negative impact, such as using recycled water and other production materials.

4. They Aren’t Eco-Friendly

While lab grown diamonds have been made to be more eco-friendly than mined gems, they’re still not entirely sustainable. Most of the factories that create them require large amounts of energy to operate.

The Federal Trade Commission has ruled that companies cannot claim “eco-friendliness” on products that use nonrenewable energy. So if you’re concerned about your environmental impact, it’s best to look for a sustainable lab-grown diamond source that uses renewable power.

5. They Aren’t Traceable

When you look at a lab grown diamond side by side with an earth-mined one, they are nearly identical. But the difference is that the natural stone can be resold and can retain its value.

But with lab-grown diamonds, there’s no guarantee that they’ll retain their value in the future. So if you buy one today, it may be worth next to nothing in the future – and if they become more expensive, they could drop in value even faster!

6. They Aren’t Unique

While lab-grown diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural ones, they’re not unique. They flow through the same cutting workshops and jewelry manufacturers as mined diamonds.

That means they’re just as expensive. And, as we mentioned earlier, they’re not guaranteed to hold value over time.

7. They Aren’t Guaranteed to Hold Value

Although lab diamonds are optically and chemically identical to natural diamonds, they don’t hold as much resale value as mined stones.

This is because lab grown diamonds do not have a finite supply like their natural counterparts. This means that their resale value may plummet in the future.

8. They Aren’t Personalized

Many fine jewelers are now producing lab-grown diamonds because they’re a good alternative to mined gemstones. These stones are just as beautiful and eye-catching, but without the ethical and environmental concerns that come with natural diamonds.

The prices of these gems can vary, but they’re typically much less expensive than mined diamonds. This makes them a popular choice for bridal jewelry, especially in the wedding ring category.

9. They Aren’t Authentic

While lab grown diamonds may seem like they have the same physical, chemical, and cosmetic properties as natural diamonds, manufacturers can’t guarantee that their product is authentic.

As a result, you could end up with a lab grown diamond lab grown diamonds UK that doesn’t hold much value. And if you’re looking to sell it in the future, you’ll likely get pennies on the dollar.

10. They Aren’t Versatile

Lab grown diamonds are just as beautiful and sparkling as natural diamonds, and they come in a variety of colors that aren’t found in nature. They’re also ethically sourced and guaranteed to be conflict-free.


Unlike mined diamonds, which take billions of years to form under high heat and pressure miles beneath the earth’s surface, lab-grown stones are made quickly using specialized technology. They’re typically about 30% less expensive than their natural counterparts.

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