Who should do a mammogram before breast augmentation?

Normally, before the doctor starts breast augmentation for all clients. It’s not just a drawing. or choose size only But still have to check the body. History taking before surgery Including breast examination to screen for the risk of breast disease. 

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To look for abnormalities in the breast as well The examination will focus on finding the disease. and abnormalities of the breast From the thoracic bone, muscle, breast tissue, skin and lymph nodes There are 3 groups of breast disease surveillance groups: 1. There is a risk of breast disease, such as having breast disease in a family who has been taking hormones or birth control pills for a long time.

  1. There are symptoms or may have detected abnormalities such as detecting breast lumps, abnormal breast pain. There is a discharge from the nipple or a wound on the skin of the breast, abnormalities, etc.
  2. When the breast augmentation person is over 35 years old, which may allow up to 40 years if beyond this. Breast disease screening should be done thoroughly. Every case has a breast lump that can be breast augmented or not If something unusual or suspicious is found, it must first be examined for certain whether the lump in the breast is There is no danger in general, women of childbearing age. Lumps, cysts, or tartars can be found in almost 30% of the breasts, but in this number Most often there is no danger, just surveillance and monitoring is enough. Therefore, if the age is over 35-40 years before breast augmentation. Recommend a mammogram and ultrasound before A biopsy may also be required. For breast augmentation surgery along with the removal of lumps on the breast can do it too

How old do you have to be to have breast augmentation?

Normally, breast augmentation should be done when the breasts are fully grown or have Stable appearance, generally over 18-21 years of age. Is it possible after having a child to have breast augmentation? Even if having a child, can breast augmentation But the most suitable time is after weaning or after stopping breast pumping at least In the most normal condition, 3-6 months in order for the breast to return if the body weight continues to increase or not stable, should breast augmentation or not Patients should keep their body weight stable. For at least 3-6 months and then see a doctor for assessment. Because of breast augmentation when overweight A large silicone implant may be required. which when thinned down May not seem to fit the shape. Or there may be sagging. Causing waste of time and pain to have surgery to correct again

after breast augmentation breastfeeding under new

It is usually possible to breastfeed, of course. but some reports found The amount of milk may be reduced to some extent. especially if there are complications after surgery or if using a surgical method through an incision through the areola Or is there a breast lift in conjunction with how to prepare? Before surgery Should abstain from smoking and alcohol for at least 3 weeks, taking vitamins or supplements unknown components. It should also be abstained. Importantly, before undergoing surgery, check that the surgery is performed in a hospital. and operating room certified Including equipment for general anesthesia, pain relief, along with anesthesiologists and nurses to provide services or not. and if an emergency occurs There are measures to support or how to pass it on the day of surgery It is recommended to refrain from drinking tea, coffee, cocoa or soft drinks. Because it may affect the surgery, I should eat soft food. And abstain from water and food for at least 6-8 hours. If you have a history of drug allergies or congenital disease, you must inform your doctor every time.

breast augmentation without reconciling breast implants

appropriate or not that uses the heart to inject extra

Liposuction for breast injections can increase the thickness. and the size of the breast meat especially the thickness of the subcutaneous layer However, fat that is injected has definitely collapsed, for example, injecting 300 cc may collapse by 30-70% depending on the injection technique and individual cell volume But if breast augmentation with 300 cc of silicone, it will definitely be 300 cc, but in terms of its naturalness. Fat is inevitably more natural. But it is not possible to increase the size, for example, from cup A to cup D, or increase the chest from 30 inches to 36 inches. At present, techniques and technology for fat preparation are still being developed. The word stem cell (stem cell) It may be a word that looks a bit too advertised and still can’t stabilize the treatment effect. and guaranteed

In what other cases can the injection of oil to the breast be used?

In fact, the fat injection technique (lipofilling, lipotransfer) is a technique that has been in use for over 50 years and is not new. or exciting in any way Can be used in conjunction with breast augmentation with silicone or used for injection Resolve adverse conditions after breast surgery, such as thin breast tissue, wavy skin, palpable edges or fascia, etc. Therefore, it can be seen that the fat injection technique can be useful but must be used in appropriate cases. And not exaggerate the advertisement of filler injections to increase breast size how dangerous Fillers that are added to the breast area are considered very dangerous, unlike Add filler to the face Because if breast enlargement is to be injected then it must be injected in large quantities And fillers usually cannot dissolve by themselves, but will remain and react with the breast tissue, muscles and skin around the breasts. until inflammation Either short-term or long-term, in many cases patients end up having to have their breasts removed. It is very painful. For those who do not have inflammation or rupture, there will be a problem that cannot be screened for breast cancer. or lumps that cause breast cancer again for the rest of your life and never know that Foreign matter in the area of both breasts will cause problems again.

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