What Does Health and Wellness Mean to You?

There are many definitions of health and wellness, but for many people, these terms refer to a comfortable state of body, mind, and spirit. Physical wellness is achieved by eating healthily and getting plenty of rest. The environment that one lives in can influence the way he or she feels, so choosing the right people and creating the right environment is critical to wellbeing. Mental wellness involves recognizing and managing negative emotions.

Health and wellness are important to both employees and employers, as the effects of poor health follow people to work. Disengaged, stressed out, and unhealthy employees are a burden to employers, and this can result in poor morale and higher turnover. Often, health costs are the motivating factors for implementing new wellness programs for employees. But what exactly does wellness look like? The answer depends on the person. In today’s world, consumers are bombarded with an abundance of choices, so what does health and wellness mean to you?

While each person’s health is unique, experts have developed a model for determining a person’s health. Personal wellness includes a person’s social and economic environment, genetics, and lifestyle. Some aspects of wellness include intentional eating, physical activity, emotional intelligence, and even the use of supplements and products on skin and hair. While achieving wellness isn’t the same as achieving perfect physical health, it is still an important factor for well-being.


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