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The Movie Fashion?

The Movie Fashion? is a great movie to watch if you are interested in how fashion is produced and designed. The story follows Gitanjali Krishnamurthy, a top model and fashion designer. She walked down the catwalk with Miss Universe 1994, Sushmita Sen, and eventually fell in love. But how does her love affair with a guy with an icy dismissive tone come into play? The answers to these questions will surprise you, and will leave you swooning!

Coco Chanel is a celebrated fashion designer who founded her own eponymous fashion house in the early twentieth century. Stunning art direction and cinematography make the film a must-see. It also features some amazing style moments, which were created by famed French costume designer Catherine Leterrier. Coco Chanel is one of the rare fashion biopics, and it is a great way to discover the inner workings of this legendary designer.

The film stars Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut as best friends Meghna Mathur and Shonali Gujral. It also features Arbaaz Khan, who plays Abhijit Sarin, the “Big daddy” of Indian fashion. Other talented actors include Mugdha Godse, Arjan Bajwa, Maanav Bhasin, and Samir Soni, who plays Rohit Khanna’s mentor.

During the silent era, women in movies often wore underwear or were almost nude. Later, they wore fantasy outfits that were inspired by film. Cleopatra, starring Theda Bara, had many costume changes, including a majestic peacock feather train. In the 1930s, film star Marlene Dietrich made her debut in The Blue Angel, directed by Josef von Sternberg.

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