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You can learn how to make vinyl stickers at home by using your home printer. If you have an inkjet printer, you can simply print your designs on printable vinyl and then transfer them to a smooth surface. Then, you can apply a layer of clear enamel or lamination paper to protect your vinyl stickers. Once you’re finished with printing, you can use a squeegee to press the lamination sheet into place and remove air bubbles. After laminating, you can use a razor blade or hobby knife to add finishing touches.

Once you’ve done this, you can arrange your designs on the page and move them around to create a neat grid. If you’ve used a different type of vinyl, you’ll need to remove some pieces of it first before you start printing. Alternatively, you can use a Cricut hook tool to weed out the design by using tweezers. First, you should lift up and poke the edges of the design, then move on to pulling the smaller details within the design. If you’ve only created one sticker, you can cut out another one by using clear transfer tape.

Another advantage to using printable vinyl is that it is waterproof. While regular sticker paper won’t last long on a mailbox, bike, or mug, vinyl stickers won’t fall off!

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