Shopping for an engagement ring

Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring for your partner or for yourself, a bespoke design can be a more personal choice. A jeweller will help you choose the best diamond for your budget, and they’ll set it into a ring that’s completely tailored to your tastes.

It’s a great way to keep your wedding budget in check, and it allows you to create a unique ring that tells your story. Here are 12 UK-based jewellery designers who can turn your ring dreams into reality.

Ingle & Rhode

Ingle & Rhode is the UK’s leading ethical fine jewellery brand. Founded in 2006 by David Rhode, they’re dedicated to offering a transparent supply chain.

Their bespoke engagement rings UK and wedding rings are designed and made to the highest ethical standards, using conflict free diamonds that can be traced back to their original sources and Fairtrade gold. They also donate a percentage of their profits to charity.

Whether you want a traditional style or a more unique design, they’ll help you find the perfect ring. Their design consultations begin with an initial meeting where you’ll discuss your ideas and vision for the ring, before Liv Luttrell gets to work creating the piece of jewellery you’ve always dreamed of.

Alternatively, you could opt for a designer such as Daniel Darby, who creates beautiful streamlined pieces in his signature Modern Deco style. Or, you can go for something more abstract, and choose from a range of different materials such as recycled silver or eco wood.

Liv Luttrell

Liv Luttrell is one of London’s most lauded jewellery designers, known for her bold sculptural pieces that are guaranteed to turn heads. She’s classically trained as a goldsmith and gemologist, working closely with her clients to source the perfect gemstones and diamonds for their unique design howitstart.

She takes a playful approach to her work, using subtle design tweaks to breathe new life into traditional silhouettes such as hoop earrings and ear pendants. She even turns classic ring settings on their head, subverting the usual by adding twisting ribbons of gold to a glistening diamond.

In a market dominated by high-end designer brands, bespoke jewellery is the real game changer. British designers are embracing the craft with gusto, from a plethora of bespoke engagement rings to a kaleidoscope of colour in their jewellery offerings.

Taylor & Hart

Taylor & Hart is a bespoke jewellery company that was founded to offer a more personalized way of purchasing precious jewellery. Their tech-enabled business model combines a flexible approach to engagement ring personalisation with the convenience of online shopping.

Their jewellery is made using responsibly sourced, GIA graded diamonds and gemstones and they don’t use conflict diamonds or forced labour in their production process. They also work with reputable suppliers from countries that comply with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, an international initiative to stop the flow of diamonds that finance rebel militia groups or authoritarian regimes.

The company’s commitment to ethics is evident in the fact that they provide customers with a complimentary diamond pendant as part of their purchase. This is a special touch that will help you capture your love story and keep it close to your heart forever.

With a choice of shapes, sizes and prices, there’s something for every budget. Whether you’re looking for a traditional solitaire or a statement piece, Taylor & Hart will help you create the perfect bespoke engagement ring.

Jessica Poole

With an emphasis on fluid forms and soft clean lines, Jessica Poole’s pieces embrace an elegant, ethereal simplicity. Using a mix of high clarity white diamonds and perfectly imperfect grey diamonds, she creates a collection that upends the traditional bridal jewellery aesthetic.

Creating timeless collections that won’t date, she also specialises in custom engagement rings, sourcing and working with her clients to design their ideal piece. A micro pave diamond setting specialist and UK authority, she trained in Antwerp and uses this specialised skill throughout her designs.

She also takes pride in her ethically sourced gemstones and loves the attention to detail she requires during the design process. She works closely with her clients to help them bring their ideas to life, and believes that it’s important to work with people who value the same things as she does.

Nicola and Paul were looking for something that would be unique, but still had the look of a vintage ring. Originally, they had envisaged a 1920s Art Deco style band with a centre-piece emerald. But instead, they decided to make a bespoke ring that took advantage of technological innovations in jewellery manufacturing over the past 80 years factnewsph.

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