Ring Size Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Finding the ideal ring size guide, whether for yourself or someone else, can be tricky. Our comprehensive ring size guide includes all of the information necessary to understand different ring measurements and help you select one that fits comfortably on your finger.

Finding your ring size is as easy as measuring the circumference or diameter of your finger in millimeters. If you don’t have access to a measuring tape, try using some string or paper instead.

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Circumference or Diameter

Circumference or diameter of a ring refers to the distance that it’s inside edge would extend around its outside edge. It’s an often-used measurement in jewelry sizing and also serves as the basis for international ring sizes.

To measure the circumference of a Ring size guide, wrap a piece of paper around your finger. Make sure it’s wide enough to cover all of its inner circumference.

Another method is to wrap a piece of string tightly around the inside of your ring finger and measure its length. This will provide an accurate measurement of its circumference.

For a more accurate measurement, you can consult a ring size guide. Most of these guides include both the diameter and circumference for each ring size, printed to scale.

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Width refers to the amount of material taken up by a ring on your finger. It’s easy to get confused between width and thickness, but they actually refer to two separate entities.

As a general guideline, select a band width that flatters your finger. For instance, if you have thin hands and fingers, opting for a narrow band will look best on you.

However, if your hands are larger, a wider band may be easier to put on and take off. You can also test the fit of your ring on someone close to you in order to find the ideal size.

Another reliable way to determine your ring size is using a ring sizer, which you can purchase at either your local jewelry store or online. This method is more precise than simply taking the ring to the jeweler.


When selecting a ring size, length is an essential factor to take into account. Jewelry makers especially take this into account when creating durable pieces with superior craftsmanship.

To accurately determine the length of a ring, measure it yourself. This will give you an exact measurement in millimeters. Use this measurement as the foundation for designing your perfect ring.

When it comes to measuring a ring’s length, the most accurate method is asking your jeweler for a measuring device. This will guarantee that the ring you purchase fits perfectly on your finger. If you can’t make it out to the store, there are other in-home methods of determining someone’s ring size; one of which is using an impressive ring-sizing device makeeover.


Wedding rings should be thick enough to support a diamond, yet not so thick that it appears bulky. Thin rings tend to look more feminine and classic while thick bands have more of a masculine aesthetic.

Ring thickness is measured in millimeters from the inside outward, similar to how width is measured. Your choice of jewelry and material used for manufacturing the ring will determine its thickness.

Titanium rings are the most popular metal choice for men, usually having a thickness of 1.8mm to 2.3mm. Titanium has less delicate qualities than other metals and won’t break or warp as easily.


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