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If you want to add live chat functionality to your website, then you should consider installing the Zopim live chat plugin. This plugin works with Zendesk. It also supports Zopim API which allows you to configure the Zendesk Chat script in a native way. The plugin also has support for future updates, and will be updated free of charge.

iFlyChat-WordPress Chat plugin

Zopim is a popular and feature-rich live chat software for WordPress. This software allows your website visitors to easily chat with support staff, answering their questions and offering support. However, Zopim has been acquired by Zendesk in April 2014. As of April 2014, Zopim is no longer providing free accounts to its partners. However, if you want to use Zopim on your website, you can get a free account from FastComet, which is the official Zopim reseller. They offer free integration of Zopim on all their WordPress and WooCommerce hosting plans. They also offer free Zopim accounts to their existing clients via the client area.

In addition to offering a free trial, Zendesk’s live chat plugin for WordPress has the most features of the paid version. It integrates with WordPress, enabling you to add live chat and knowledge base articles, as well as ticket management. Besides offering these benefits, Zendesk also provides offline support and SSL support. Using a WordPress chat plugin by Zendesk will allow you to integrate chat features with your website and make your site more efficient.


Zopim live chat zendesk plug-in allows you to set up and customize your live chat window. Users can customize their chat bubble message, as well as the background color. They can also customize the mini-chat button section. When users visit the chat window, they will see two messages: “An agent is available to start a live chat,” and “Online.” This is an option for each customer, which can be customized.

related: zendesk

Zopim is a full-featured chat solution. You can add more than one agent to your chat and track the analytics for each one. Adding new agents is also very easy. However, Zopim is an extremely complex application. For more information on its features and pricing, visit the Zopim website Fashionslog.


Zopim live chat is a Zendesk plugin that builds a communication bridge between the customer and admin. It allows customers to ask questions, give feedback, or make new demands. Its integrated design helps store owners save time. Users can install the plugin easily and configure it. They can also choose to view metrics in real time. This plugin is free to download and install. Users can also post questions in the Zopim forum or contact Zopim directly to ask for help.

Once you install Zopim live chat, you can customize the message that appears in the chat bubble. The chat bubble is the message that appears above the support prompt. You can also customize its background color. You can also customize the message that appears in the Minimized Chat Button section. The Zopim chat button will appear in the bottom right corner of the website. When the user clicks it, they will see two messages: the agent is online, and he is available to help them


LiveAgent for Zendesk integrates live chat with the customer support system. It allows Zendesk users to automatically create a ticket for any chat that is open. This helps agents resolve customer problems faster and increase customer satisfaction. You can also use it to integrate with third-party chat apps.

LiveAgent is available in free and paid versions. It integrates with more than 30 tools, including social media, CRM, and content management tools. It also offers multi-channel support for live chat and email. It supports 27 languages and is available in a number of price plans. However, it can be costly for small businesses or those who do not require detailed ticketing Fashioncolthing.


Jivochat is a free live chat plugin that can be used on your website. It has powerful features like real-time visitor monitoring, multiple languages, and more. It can also send tickets automatically. In addition, it is easy to set up and use.

It integrates with Zendesk. Its live chat plugins enable you to use Zopim on your website and on your mobile device. This means that your customers can contact you on the go and get the help they need. It is also compatible with popular helpdesk solutions such as Zoho and Salesforce Fashionworldnow.


There are a number of ProProfs plugins for available to improve the user experience of your website. These plugins offer a wide range of features and can easily be integrated with other software. Among them are chatbots and a robust ticketing system Magazinefacts.

Zendesk Chat can be integrated into a site or be used as a standalone application. It has a free plan and several paid plans. Zendesk Chat allows up to 3 agents

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