Movies That Will Change Your View towards Life

The most beautiful thing about watching movies in your everyday life is the fact that a well-scripted film has the potential of changing your entire view towards life. Movies are one of the finest forms of art and they can make you appreciate life and look at it from a different perspective.

Well, there are many modern classics and cult films that have that potential and if you watch them, your view towards life will be completely changed.

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American Beauty

Well, our favorite movie on the list American Beauty explores the protagonist Lester, and his family’s disenchantment with life. Lester, a telesales agent, seeks out new thrills in life when he is melancholic, and this has a significant impact on his wife and daughter’s lives as well. Things deteriorate as Lester develops feelings of infatuation for Angela, the friend of his daughter.

Well, American Beauty is one of the greatest films ever made, and while it may seem to be a typical storyline, you will be blown away once you experience the film’s cinematic perfection yourself.

The Shawshank Redemption

In the drama-crime movie The Shawshank Redemption, Andy Dufresne, who was convicted of killing his ex-wife and her lover, is serving two life sentences. Only Andy is aware that he has not committed the crime, despite his inability to demonstrate this in court. Life is challenging for Andy while he is incarcerated, and he is aware of how challenging the conditions are. Andy befriends Red and works to improve conditions for the prisoners, making him the most out of the ordinary prisoner.

12 Angry Men

In the crime drama movie 12 Angry Men, the jury of 12 people deliberates over one crime before rendering a decision. 11 jurors find the teenage kid guilty, but one of the jurors expresses doubt and causes the other 11 to second guess their decision. Things become heated, and one by one, each juror engages in a passionate debate that determines the destiny of the accused boy.

While 12 Angry Men’s screenplay does not follow the standard screenplay procedure, the dialogue in the film is what make it worth watching. The decision and the outcome of their debate at the end of the film makes the viewer realize the gravity of judgement and being in the positon of power.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is another major life changing beautiful film that revolves around the life of Forrest, a youngster with a low IQ. The film discusses a real-life tale starring Tom Hanks. Forrest’s life is never constrained because he has a motivating mother who encourages him at every stage of life.

From being the best football player in his college to serving in the Vietnam War to guiding a shrimp boat for a friend, Forrest never feels sorry for himself and motivates many people to keep living. Forrest’s one true desire is to see Jenny, his childhood sweetheart, but reality has other plans.

Good Will Hunting

The protagonist of the movie Good Will Hunting is Will Hunting, an MIT janitor with a genius IQ. When Will successfully completes a challenging arithmetic problem, Professor Gerald Lambeau learns about his abilities and vows to support Will in realising his potential. When Will fights a police officer, he is taken into custody. At this point, professor Lambeau makes an offer to earn him some leniency if he chooses to see therapist Sean Maguire.

The focus of the film is on Will and his therapist, as well as how Will is brought back to life with the aid of Sean Maguire. The movie is heart-warming and shows us the power therapy can have on someone.


The protagonist of the action science fiction film Inception is a robber by the name of Don Cobb. Cobb is skilled at penetrating people’s brains and stealing secrets from their subconscious, and because of this talent, he gains importance in the business world at the expense of the things he values most. Cobb also has a criminal record. Cobb is offered forgiveness and the chance to have his criminal record cleared, but only if he can accomplish the nearly impossible task of instilling an idea in the minds of other people. Cobb is aware that if he is successful, it will be the ideal crime, but a dangerous foe is watching Cobb’s every move.

With all the visuals, the film is fantastic to watch. It demonstrates the scope and absurdity of human imagination.

Fight Club

In the movie Fight Club, Tyler Durden—a strange salesman—becomes the roommate of a despondent man who suffers from sleeplessness. The two buddies create an underground club out of boredom where they set rules and engage in combat with other males who are also dissatisfied with their own lives and the capitalist society. When Marla, a fellow support group attendee, crashes the meeting, the two argue and things take a different course.

The film is set to blow anyone’s mind and discusses the horrors of consumerism in the most bizarre ways.

Final Thoughts

The films we have just described above are timeless classics, and if you enjoy watching movies, you have probably already seen many of them. However, if you have not, you are losing out on some of the greatest films ever made. These films have the potential of changing your perspective towards life in the most different ways.

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