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Might I Eat Frozen Yogurt Prior to Eating Hot Food?

If you’re wondering, might I at any point eat frozen yogurt prior a hot meal? You’re not alone. In fact, over half of those who participated in a recent survey said they have. In fact, yogurt has become increasingly popular, making its way into more products, from toothpastes to pet foods. In the last seven days, 43.3% of people in the survey had eaten yogurt prior to a hot meal

Aside from the fact that frozen yogurt is low in calories and high in protein, you can enjoy it as a dessert without the added calories of ice cream. Moreover, frozen yogurt comes in larger portions, about half the size of a baseball. If you’re tempted to eat more than a baseball-sized scoop, consider purchasing self-serve frozen yogurt with fresh fruit, berries, and/or

Frozen yogurt is the ultimate summer treat that keeps you trim while satisfying your sweet tooth. It’s the queen of hot-weather desserts, but some fro-yo flavors and toppings are not good for your diet. Here, nutrition experts offer tips to enjoy frozen yogurt guilt-free. Is frozen yogurt really that healthy? Find out more about it by reading our article

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