How To Make Home A Study-Friendly Place For Students Learning Online?

Today, online learning has become a new normal, which means students whether they are in school or college, are learning either from their homes or hostels. That means they are learning from their comfort zones and sometimes this comfort zone becomes a distraction and reason for procrastination. In schools and college premises students are given the environment and surroundings which nourishes their learning growth. However, in the case of online education students need to create this environment in their place. 

The environment and the surroundings in which students study matter a lot, to make their learning successful, a calming, peaceful and productive environment is what students need while they attend their classes on the online education app

In the article, we are going to enlist some of the ways through which students can create a suitable learning environment in their homes. So keep reading to know.

Learn In The Study Area: Are you one of those people who just log into their online class and sit on the couch or their bed to take classes? Well, that couch or bed might be giving comfort to your back, but it’s not good for your brain. For your brain that bed is a place where you slack off or sleep, and when your mind is telling you to relax, how would you concentrate on your classes? So to keep your brain active during the class, choose a place which is perfect for your study, make a study area with a study table, chair, books and your stationery. This will give you productive vibes.

Keep The Distractions At Distance: Put that disturbing notification sound on silent, log out of your social media accounts and don’t check on your emails again & again. We know it can be quite hard for students to keep the temptation to check their social media at bay, but it’s crucial to do, so you learn, and understand from online classes. That’s why keep all the other devices and any distracting elements away while learning online.

Make Notes: What do you do in the offline class when the teacher is explaining a topic? You listen and write important points in your notebooks. So why not in online classes? Many students just listen and watch videos during the online class and don’t make notes. We know you might have understood everything the teacher taught, but notes are important not just for revision but also to keep track of your learning. Notes show what you listened to and learned and didn’t just watch and make notes. They also keep you concentrated and active during the class as you will listen to every word with attention.

Keep The Clutter Away: Unorganised places lead to unorganised thoughts, if you keep your study area unorganised and cluttered, it might be affecting your concentration and productivity levels. Thus you need to keep your study area clean and organised all the time so that your thought process also remains organised. It also saves you a lot of time that you might waste on searching for things because of that clutter.

Take Help: If you are struggling to learn and concentrate on your studies, then take the help of your family members or the roommates you live with. Tell them to not disturb you during the online classes, remind you of your goals when you slack off, and nudge you to complete your homework. It may sound like an intrusion, but sometimes this is what we need, a push and external help to concentrate on our goals. You can also make an online study group with your friends where you all can exchange notes, solve problems and help each other.

Put On Inspiring Quotes: Want to create a happy place to learn at home, then decorate your study area as per your choice? Paste motivational posters, hang some decoratives, keep your colourful stationery, put indoor plants in your study room and keep the room lighted and ventilated. So that when your teachers teach online you feel fresh and focused and learn everything with enthusiasm. It’s all about surrounding yourself with uplifting people and things, so do that.

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