Benefits of Getting Customer Reviews for Online Courses 

With the growth in educational technology, online teaching platforms are increasing rapidly too. This is because online education gives several benefits like better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness to educators and learners. To grow an online course, improve the services and expand sales, collecting reviews from potential customers is very helpful. 

A review is a remark, a comment, or many pieces of information that the buyers or customers give as per their experience, journey, opinion, feedback, and suggestions for one’s product, brand, or service. Before buying any product, we prefer reading its reviews first. The same goes for online courses too.  Let us discuss the benefits of getting customer reviews for your online course. 

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Benefits of customer reviews for online course 

  1. Enhance the image or online reputation 

Today there is tough competition going on in the e-learning field. To win this competitive race and be on the top, you need to have a positive image and reputation in the market. To achieve this, adding reviews on online course websites is quite beneficial. Every review posted on your course website enhances transparency with potential customers.

 We all know that the effective and positive reviews posted will boost your image but along with this negative reviews and feedback for improvisation given also help too. When you will take negative reviews constructively, reach out to those people and handle them with professionalism, it will show that your course is effective. 

  1. Marketing and better  course sales 

Before joining any online course, people research it well over the internet and visit your course website too. When the visitors read positive responses, ratings, and reviews on your website, they get all the information about the benefits and services of your course. This works as an effective marketing and promotional method that boost course sales too. So along with researching for the platforms to create and sell online courses, educators should plan a review collecting strategy too for generating more profits and growth. 

  1. Make the customers feel valued

Whenever we visit a hotel or a restaurant and when the authorities ask if we like their services or not, there is a sense of satisfaction and we feel valued and taken care of. Similarly collecting reviews for online courses make current learners, as well as past learners, feel regarded and valued. For example, even after giving free demo sessions, you can ask the attendees to leave a comment on how effective they found the demo class and what they expect more from us. This will set a positive first impression, the customers will feel satisfied and assured. 

  1. Help in content improvement

The content is an important part of your online course. Other than the course duration, time, and assessments, the study content is something that matters the most for customers. To understand the online course well, and generate good learning outcomes, all expect the course content to be effective. Seeing the importance of online course content, having reviews related to this is very common. 

The experienced learners as well as the current customers will comment on how effective the course content is. The online course builder can keenly observe and read the reviews. Identify what are the weak points and where the course content lacked value. This will help you to make necessary additions, and corrections and improve the quality of your course content. 

How to collect reviews for your online course

Send emails: the best way to collect reviews from potential customers is by sending emails to them. An email lands directly in the inbox and catches one’s attention for sure. Send personalized emails and ask your customers to respond and give their quality feedback. You can add your online course website link in the email where you want the learners to leave the ratings and reviews. 

Ask the current learners: in the online live classes, you can ask your current learners to take out some time and share their experience and journey so far as reviews on the online course website. You can also seek their feedback and reviews in the live class, record them and post it on the website and other social media platforms. The review videos are more impactful and engaging to boost course sales. Polls and surveys can also be conducted in this regard. 


For making your online course more effective and successful, seeking reviews and feedback from the customers is very helpful. By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out its benefits in detail. By sending emails, course website links, conducting polls on social media, and asking your current learners, online course creators can collect quality feedback for their courses.  

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