Becoming a Pro at Evil Hunter Tycoon: Accumulating and Utilizing Gems

In Evil Hunter Tycoon, you are tasked with constructing and supervising a settlement, hiring hunters, and dispatching them to battle different creatures. To progress in the game, you must gather gems, the game’s currency, and use them prudently. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to acquire and spend gems efficiently in Evil Hunter Tycoon.

Collecting Jewels

Accumulating gems is the most lucrative endeavor in Evil Hunter Tycoon. Here are a few of the most effective methods of attaining these coveted resources:

Fulfilling Missions

Gems in the game can be acquired from fulfilling quests. Doing so will give you not only gems, but also gold and hunter experience. You can access quests by clicking on the quest icon on the bottom right of the screen. These quests are split into three types: Daily, Weekly and Monthly – each offering a differing amount of gems.

Attending functions is something that many individuals partake in. Being involved in events is a great way to meet new people and experience different activities.

Evil Hunter Tycoon frequently organizes activities that give players the opportunity to obtain gems. These activities may be monster hunts, boss battles, or treasure hunts. To take part in an event, one must click on the event symbol in the lower left corner of the screen. Some events may necessitate the usage of gems to participate, however the rewards generally make it worthwhile.

Generating Revenue by Offering Goods for Sale

Gems can be acquired by vending wares in the store of your township. Certain goods, for example, uncommon elements or high-grade gear, can attain a high worth in the shop. Offering these items can generate a respectable amount of gems for you.

Gems can be utilized for expenditure.

After accumulating gems, it is important to use them prudently. Following are some of the top methods to use gems in Evil Hunter Tycoon.

Enhancing Your Community

Growth and maturation of a town is vital to its success. To ensure a town thrives, it is necessary to increase its size and resources. Doing so helps to create a vibrant atmosphere that appeals to businesses and people alike. Expanding a town can involve the addition of new buildings, roads, parks, and other amenities that make it a desirable place to live and work. By taking the time to invest in the growth of a town, it can reap rewards for its citizens and visitors. Enhancing a community can create new opportunities and provide a better quality of life for everyone.

Gems can be used to enlarge your village, which is necessary for progress. This enlargement will provide access to new structures, hunters, and tools. The expenditure of gems required for expansion increases with each expansion, so it is important to extend your town on a regular basis to meet the needs of your hunters.

Bringing Onboard Fresh Hunters is What We’re Doing

Your town relies heavily on hunters and it is essential to continuously recruit new ones in order to meet the requirements. The expenditure for hiring hunters increases with each new one brought on board. To make sure that you have a complete team, it is important to hire hunters with distinct abilities.

Enhancing the Capability of Your Hunters and Apparatus

Gems can also be used to enhance your hunters and gear. Boosting the level of your hunters increases their stats and capabilities. Upgrading the quality of your equipment likewise augments its stats. Both of these upgrades are costly in gems, but are essential for maintaining the effectiveness of your hunters and equipment.

Bringing back Hunters who have fallen can be achieved by reviving them.

It is possible to revive your hunters after they perish in battle, however, this will come with a cost that increases with each death. Therefore, it is important to try and keep your hunters safe from harm. Although reviving a hunter is costly, it may be worth it if they are equipped with valuable abilities or items.

Revising Gear

Upgrading machinery used for a specific purpose is referred to as refining equipment. The various components of the equipment are improved in order to increase efficiency and optimize performance. Refining the components of the gear is a method to guarantee that the equipment will function correctly and meet the needs of the user.

In Evil Hunter Tycoon, players can use gems to refine their equipment. Doing so enhances the item’s quality and its stats. Each refinement requires a certain amount of gems, and this cost rises as the item is further refined. Consequently, it is necessary to refine gear if you want to remain competitive.

Ways to Make the Most of Your Gem Use

To get the most out of your gems in Evil Hunter Tycoon, consider the following advice:

Giving precedence to the growth of the area should be a priority.

When allocating gems, it is essential to prioritize expanding the town. Doing so can allow for the construction of added structures, the employment of extra hunters, and the acquisition of superior equipment. Consequently, this increases the capacity to fight more powerful monsters and reap larger rewards.

Make Careful Selections for Who You Hunt With

When picking new hunters, it’s important to be judicious. Look for individuals possessing special talents that match up with your current group, and avoid bringing in anyone with skills that are already present, since they won’t add much to the team.

Organize Your Revisions

Before you upgrade your hunters or gear, it is important to plan which upgrades you would like to make. Focus on the ones that will bring you the most benefit first, such as improving the equipment of your most successful hunters.

It is best to be judicious with the use of Revives.

It can be a wise choice to revive a hunter if they have something of worth to offer, however, it is essential to not overuse this approach. On the other hand, it could be more logical to bring in a new hunter to replace the one who has been defeated, primarily if they do not provide a great deal of advantage to the group.

Strategically Perfecting Gear

Focusing on the refinement of your elite hunters’ gear should come first, as they will gain the most from the higher stats. Consider the rarity level of the equipment as well, because rare gear can be more beneficial to refine than common gear due to its scarcity.

To sum up, becoming adept at managing gems is an essential factor in becoming successful in Evil Hunter Tycoon. By following the advice outlined above, you can raise your odds of becoming a thriving monster hunter tycoon. Additionally, you can gain more information on successful money-making tactics by going to Redfinger’s website and using their Android simulator.

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