Are You Exhausted of the School System?

Is school too hard? Is homework boring? Does it feel like it will never end? It might feel like you will never catch up. Maybe you are stressed out and have problems that interfere with your schoolwork. Regardless of your reasons, you may be saying, “I am so tired of this system!”

A recent study revealed that nearly half of high school students have feelings that indicate that they are tired, bored, or stressed. Of these, 67% of the time, students said they are “exhausted” or “stressed.” On the flip side, 40% of the time, they were feeling happy or excited. The researchers concluded that this study shows that students across demographic groups feel this way.

The reasons teachers are leaving are varied, but most have one thing in common: the stress they face. Teachers are under a constant barrage of stress. Not surprisingly, a lack of substitute teachers, and an economic crisis have contributed to this situation. However, the rise of teacher dissatisfaction is nothing new. Burnout and demoralization have plagued educators for years. And, with the economy so bad, fewer funding is available to maintain a high-quality education.

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