ABC Foundation Supports Novita Charity Partnership

The Novita charity partnership is a simple and convenient way to donate to charities. All you need to do is download the CauseVox app to your mobile device and link it to your payment method. Once you’ve completed this, you’re ready to start shopping. The app allows you to browse through a range of participating brands’ gift cards. The participating brands offer a variety of gift cards that you can use to purchase every day items.

ABC Foundation’s support of Novita’s Wheelchair Football League

The ABC Foundation’s support of Novita’S Wheelchair Football League charity partnership reflects the company’s commitment to promoting sports for individuals of all abilities. Novita’s Wheelchair Football League is a unique, fast-paced football league for adults with physical limitations. The league brings together specially trained coaches and players, encouraging teamwork and resilience. It also helps veterans form meaningful connections with fellow veterans.

Novita’s new charity partnership with ABC Foundation

Novita charity partnership, a charity based in Australia, provides support to children with disabilities in their communities. The organisation partners with a variety of businesses, organizations, and individuals to make their programs possible. One recent partnership has been with the ABC Foundation, which has helped Novita to fund more programs and build a new therapy center in Adelaide. This partnership will allow Novita to offer improved services to children with disabilities.

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